Friday, February 23, 2018

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NoblesseM SG – Pre-registration

Netplay had recently released the pre-registration event for the English version of Noblesse M. Players from Singapore can now pre-register for some awesome prizes...

Kingdom Ran – Defend Your Kingdom Today on iOS and Android!

Mobcast has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Kingdom Ran (キングダム 乱 -天下統一への道-). Players can now download the game from Japan's App...

Brave Frontier II – Now Live in Japan

Alim has announced the launch of the long awaited Brave Frontier II. Fans of the franchise will find a great surprise from the game!...






FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING Celebrates “Google Play’s Best Games of 2017”

In the recent Google Play’s Best Games of 2017 award, FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING was named one of the best games in 2017! To celebrate...

Lords Mobile – Giveaway

Review – Dragon Project