Another Eden – Twitter Campaign


Wright Flyer Studios has announced a Twitter campaign for their upcoming mobile game, Another Eden (アナザーエデン 時空を超える猫). Through this campaign, Players can decide how chapters will be released on game launch.

Although WFS has not release the pre-registration campaign, they did mention that the game is slated to launch some time in April. Currently, there is a Twitter campaign to decide how many chapters to release at launch. All you have to do is to retweet or #アナデンCP.

Total Number Chapters
Milestone 1 7000 Release to Chapter 9
Milestone 2 ???? Release to Chapter 13
Milestone 3 ???? Release to Chapter 17
Milestone 4 ???? Release to Chapter 20
Milestone 5 ???? Release to Chapter 23
Milestone 6 ???? Release to Final Chapter (Chapter 26)


Although I have not played the Close Beta Test, I did gotten feedback from players who have tried it, saying that the game is really good. From the screenshots, it seems like a Exploration Game with Turn-based RPG elements.

Official Twitter Account
Official Site


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