ArcheAge BEGINS – Now Out on both iOS and Android


Gamevil has announced the global launch for their latest mobile game, ArcheAge BEGINS. Players can now download the game from your local Play Store.

ArcheAge BEGINS is a mobile game based on the popular PC MMO, ArcheAge. The mobile version has it’s own new storyline and also explain things that were not told in the original MMO version such as the first expedition of the Twelve Heroes.

The game’s combat is mostly automated. As for casting your character’s skills, instead of the usual “tapping on the character portrait”, there is this Card Skill System where you can choose the target you want to use your skill on. It is important to choose the right target as it will affect the positioning of your character.

Beside the Story mode, there is PVP and Raid bosses for Players to challenge. Raid bosses are 4 Players Co-op content.

An interesting feature that I like about the game is the housing system. Currently, there are 2 things you can do in your “House”, Farming and Fishing. These are mini games that can help you gather additional materials to strengthen your characters.


To be honest, I feel that they are just trying too hard to make the combat system unique. I would rather they stick to the usual combat mode you find in most Korean games since the game already have quite a number of unique features.

However, I feel that the game does provide enough content to keep you busy for a long time. Character progression in the game do require a little bit of grinding.

Note: The iOS version was supposed to launch on the same day but due to some reasons, it has been delayed.



Android Link 
iOS Link




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