Birdie Crush – Soft Launch in Indonesia


After a year since its last Close Beta Test, we finally have some news for Birdie Crush. Earlier today, Com2uS has announced the launch of Birdie Crush in Indonesia while it will slowly roll out the game to other countries over the next few days.

I actually played the CBT which was held almost a year ago and really enjoyed the game. Back then, I felt that the controls were simple and intuitive compared to other fantasy golf games. Unlike most Golf games where you’ll have to double tap for your “Swing Power” and “Accuracy”, you’ll only have to tap once in Birdie Crush for “Accuracy”. The Power is automatically done during the Aim shot phase.

A year has passed and I’m not sure if they have done any drastic changes to the game. However a year ago, I felt that the game was already not far away from launch so I wonder what have they been up to. I will definitely check it out when it’s launch in Singapore!



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