Blokuzu Project – Arkanoid Type Mobile Game


Blugri had recently launch their first mobile title called Blokuzu Project. This is a pretty unique mobile game using old-school Arkanoid as their base game mechanic.

Blokuzu Project is a Arkanoid inspired Jmobile game. The game is pretty simple. All you have to do is prevent the ball from dropping while getting the ball to hit the enemies.

What’s special about the game is the skill system. In usual Jmobile games, Players will have to wait for a few turns before you can use the skill of your character. However in Blokuzu Project, the cool down for skills are measured in time and it only takes a few seconds to use your character’s skill again.

The game is simple to pick up and definitely filled with Waifus for players to collect. If you need a simple game to past time, Blokuzu Project is definitely a good choice.



Android Link
iOS Link



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