BlueStacks Game – Rise of Civilizations


Been seeing tons of advertisement of the game in my social media feeds thus I’ve decided to give Rise of Civilizations a go!

Rise of Civilizations is basically your typical Castle Builder game with upgraded graphics. At the start of the game, Players get to pick 1 of the 8 civilizations of the world, each with it’s own strength and buff. These 8 Civilizations are; Rome, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan and Korea. More Civilizations are planned for future release.

As for actual gameplay, it is very similar to other Castle Builder games. You will need to build Resource buildings to feed and expand your civilization, Military buildings to protect your Castle and upgrade wall defenses to prevent other people from pillaging your castle.

Whether or not you are new to the genre, the game’s quest system actually helps you to progress your game play systematically.

Before going out into battle, you will need to recruit a Commander from the Tavern to lead your troops. Customizing your Commander’s Talent is probably one of the unique features in the game. You and your enemies will never know how your Commanders are build thus outcome of the battle will always be a 2-sided.

To sum it up, if you need a new Castle Builder game with modern graphics, you can give Rise of Civilizations a go. The game is playable on BlueStacks and if you would like to support me, download the BlueStacks and the game using the link below.

Download Here



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