Brave Frontier II Coming Soon this February


Alim has announced recently that their upcoming mobile game, Brave Frontier II will be launching next week on 22nd of February. The PC version which will be published by DMM Games will also be available this Fall.

I believe the game’s world will be based on the events 20 years after Brave Frontier. The Character art will be upgraded although they will still be without their nose and mouths

As for combat, there will be a new Xross Brave Burst system, something different from the original Brave Burst system in the original Brave Frontier.

One of the greatest news about the game is probably the gacha system. It seems that Players can now purchase new characters from the store for a fix price. I’m not sure if these characters are going to be separate from the Gacha pool or if it’s going to be filled with older units but I’m definitely excited to see how it works.

So just 9 more days before the launch of Brave Frontier II. Are your wallets ready people?

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