Bravery Chronicle – Out Now in JP Store!


NHN hangame has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Bravery Chronicle(ブレイ ブリークロニクル). Players can now download the game from Japan’s App and Play Store. Read on to find out more!

Bravery Chronicle is a Drag-n-Pull Action RPG. Players get to organise a party of 4+1 (friend unit) to challenge any of the game mode. Combat is mostly automated with the option of casting your skills manually.

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I did mention that this was a Drag-n-pull ARPG which means that your character’s movements and placing is vital to winning the game. Players will need to strategically place your front liners to not only help separate and tank damage from multiple monsters, but also to prevent the monsters from leaking to attack your glass cannons. Also, you will need to move away from the big red circle(s) on the ground to prevent getting hit from the Boss’s skill.


Strangely enough, the maximum rarity you can get from the Gacha is only 3* and you will have to manually evolve them to 5*.

Lastly, the game has a city-building element where you’ll be able to build buildings that provide certain buffs and resources to your account.

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NHN hangame


Android Link
iOS Link


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