Brown Dust – Now Available in SEA Region


Neowiz had recently announced the launch of the English (SEA) version of Brown Dust. Players from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

Brown Dust is a strategy RPG played on a 2 x 3×6 board. The game is quite challenging and complicated as you partake in 9v9 battles. There are over 300 mercenaries that Players can collect each with it’s own unique skills and abilities.

The most challenging part or rather the most time consuming part of the game is to grow your characters. If you have played Gacha type mobile games for some time now, you would know that it takes a lot of time (and some times money) to actually max out one character and here in Brown Dust, you actually have at least 9 of them to nurture.

Currently, the Asia server has the same content as the Japan server but slightly behind the Korean server. I know many of the people in chat, led by Kifer, are actually playing the game so if you have any questions on the game, you can actually ask him!



Android Link
iOS Link





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