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Girls’ Frontline is a Strategic RPG published by Sunborn Games. The game is currently available in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.


The year is 2060.
War has plunged the world into chaos and darkness, and the responsibility of restoring order falls onto those of us who have survived. Now is the time to revisit your past. Make use of your gift in tactics and command your T-Dolls in the struggle to unveil the far-reaching conspiracy that permeates the world.

For the sake of mankind and our future, join us…


You start off the game as a Rookie commander and your task is to save the AR team which got lost during tutorial. The game can be a little overwhelming at the start with tons of information to remember. However, once you past the ice-breaker stage, you’ll learn that the game is very different from most mobile games and start to fall in love with it.

Firstly, every mission require you to make different strategic movements so that the Echelon (party) that you use to attack the enemy is of your desire. The team with higher combat power will usually win the battle so it’s important to move your Echelon accordingly to avoid “Game Over” moments. During the battle phase, combat is automated while you can decide to use your character’s skill by tapping on their portrait.


There are over 100 different characters in the game classified by gun classes. They are; Handgun, Sub-machine gun, Assault rifle, Rifle and Machine gun. The interesting thing about the characters in the game is that each character is named after a weapon which can be found in real life.

Now, for the good news. All characters can be gotten through crafting or limited time events. There is no Gacha for characters thus Players will really have to play the game to collect them all.

The items in the cash shop are more of the Quality of Life buys such as extra resources, inventory slots and costume currencies.

To summarize, Girls’ Frontline offers tons of unique content that you will not find in conventional mobile games. There is a lot to do in the game and a lot to learn. If you’re looking for a game that’s a little more complex and have tons of room for customization, Girls’ Frontline is definitely the game for you.


Download the game now using the link below and play it on BlueStacks to support me~

Download here


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