Captain Tsubasa Zero – Pre-registration


GMO Internet Inc. has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Captain Tsubasa Zero (キャプテン翼 ZERO~決めろ!ミラクルシュート~).

To celebrate 15 years of Captain Tsubasa, the Anime had recently been rebooted and started telecasting on TV Tokyo since the 4/2/2018.

Captain Tsubasa Zero is a football (soccer) simulation game based on Captain Tsubasa series. The game is mostly automated with the option to use special skills. The main campaign for the game is based closely on the Anime thus I believe we’ll be able to listen to the original voice-cast.

Although you can pre-register for the game now using either Twitter or Line, the publisher has yet to announce the actual rewards for pre-registering the game.

Pre-register here


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