Destiny Child Heading to Japan – Pre-registration Now Open


STAIRS Corporation together with NextFloor and Shift Up have come together to announced the pre-registration event for the Japanese version of Destiny Child (デスティニーチャイルド).

Destiny Child is an old-school typed CCG similar to Million Arthur or Devil Maker: Tokyo. What’s special about the game is that it uses the Live 2D Technology where each character in the game is formed by over 200 different parts to give them a 3D vibe.

The game is famous for it’s “daring” M18 artstyle, which is something not commonly found in mobile games as most developers would not want to “restrict” their game to a certain age group. However, the developers had recently released a Censored version of the game which can be played by Players age 12 and above.

I’m not sure which version the Japanese version will be having but I’m pretty sure the game will do equally well in the Japanese market.

Pre-register for the game now and unlock some nifty milestone rewards when the game launches.

Pre-register Here



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