Dragalia Lost Event 2 – Trick or Treat


All you need to know about the event!

Loyalty’s Requiem
Duration 10/17    (Wed) 15: 00 ~ 10/26 (Friday) 14: 59 JPT
New Characters Halloween Elisanne Halloween Althemia Halloween Edward
New Dragons Halloween Silke



There are 5 different Halloween themed Wyrmprints and each give different amount of buffs to the event currency you obtain.

Wyrmprint Snake-o’ Lantern Tricker Treat
Of Tricks and Treats (5 Star) 50%/100%
Plunder Pals (5 Star) 25%/50% 25%/50%
Witch’s Kitchen (5 Star) 50%/100%
Silke Lends a Hand (4 Star) 25%/50%
Pumpkin Pail (3 Star) 25%/50%



Currency Use
  Snack-o’Lantern – Obtain as drops after completing any Event Quest, Event Boss, Ex Boss and Event Daily
– Does not drop in Challenge Battle
– Amount varies with difficulty
– Use for upgrading Sweet Retreat Facility
Tricker Treats – Obtain after completing any Event Quest, Event Boss, Ex Boss, Event Daily and Challenge Battle
– Amount varies with difficulty
– Accumulate to unlock Tricker Treats reward
Jack Chocolates – Chance to drop after completing any Boss, Ex Boss, Challenge Battle or Event Daily
– Use in Event Trades
Candy Basket – Chance to drop at Ex Boss or Challenge Battle
– Use in Event Trades


Event Details

  • Complete Boss Stage to obtain Snack-o’ Lantern to upgrade Event Facility
  • Complete Challenge Battle to rack up your Tricker Treats points and gather Trade Currencies
  • Complete Daily Event Dungeon for Gold


  1. Complete Story quest
  2. Tackle Boss Stages – To collect Snack-o’Lantern to upgrade Facility
  3. Challenge Challenge Battle – You do not need to kill the boss to obtain the rewards that was previously dropped
  4. Alternate between Boss Stage and Challenge Battle
  5. Depending on your Adventurer and items equipped, you may need at least Facility level 15 to kill the Special Boss (I got my first kill at Facility level 16 with 1 second left), and double that for the Challenge Battle

Boss Guide (Ex(Special) Mode)

Attack Pattern Details
– Normal Attack
– Swings Lollypop and hits enemy within mid-range
– Throws a boulder on targeted spot
– Spins around and hit anything within the radius
– Jumps and slams at the area
– Charge and hits anything infront of it.
– You can move behind it and attack.
– Does this frequently in Overdrive state
– Calls a Menace level friend during the first


Since the Special stages in this event is done solo, the most important “weapon” in this game is actually the level of your Facility and how geared your “Main Adventurer” is.

  • You will need to be very familiar with Pumpkin’s attack pattern and avoid getting hit
  • You Facility must be as high level as possible
  • Max out your Main Light Adventurer as much as possible



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