Dragalia Lost – Launch Date Confirmed!


Nintendo has announced the launch date for their upcoming mobile game, Dragalia Lost. The game will be live on the App and Play Store on 27 September 2018 for Players in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and United States.

Dragalia Lost is probably one of the most hyped mobile games this year due to the fact that this is Nintendo’s first, new IP for the mobile platform. Furthermore, the game is being co-developed with Cygames, best known for 2 giant games, Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse.

As for gameplay, Dragalia Lost is a simple Action RPG which can be played using just one finger. Players can easily move your characters by sliding on your screen and attack enemies by tapping on the screen. There will be dungeons filled with puzzles and traps for Players to overcome.

With 2 days left till launch, I really hope that the game can live up to its hype!




    • You can either download an apk if you use Android (not sure if Nintendo will allow them though, and this requires you to authorize third party app on your paramètres) or get the app from QooApp which is some Japanese app market on which you will be able to get the game and install it like any app you would get from playstore


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