Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed – New Game Modes Explained


Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed had recently been updated with brand new campaign, additional regions for Conquest, new dungeons and advanced character growth options to the iconic combat action series. Here’s a quick view what are the new functions about!

The latest content update introduces three features that fans have been eagerly waiting for – Transcendence, Synthesis and Guild dungeons.

Now not only will you get stronger, you’ll look better too!

  1. Transcendence

It’s hard to motivate someone who’s already reached the pinnacle to fight for you. As a leader, you need to find ways to reward your men. With that in mind, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has summoned the call to all officers who have reached the top of their grade to ready their weapons, as there are new opportunities to upgrade themselves.

Upon reaching account level 45, you will now be able to transcend your most powerful generals to the next level turning them from simply heroes, into legends!

Transcend your 6-star officers that have attained level 60 by using the same officers, with identical elements, and push your officers beyond the limit of their MAX level up to level 80.

Each time you transcend your officer, it’ll turn each of your 6 yellow stars into one red one, up to a maximum of six times. In order to do that, you’ll need either feed 6 similar officers (each with 6-stars and the same element) or you can get a Red Star Scroll from the store to help you with the process.

You don’t have to worry about losing your weapons and armor in the process of transcendence as they’ll be automatically moved to your inventory.

  1. Synthesis

Helping your top officers transcend to greater heights is only part of what’s new with the content update. With the brand new Synthesis system, you can now fast track your less powerful officers up to 6-stars!

If you have too many 3, 4, or even 5-star officers sitting around at max level, it’s time to give them a push and swap them out for one that’s more powerful. With synthesis you can now fuse together two officers with the same stars, and at max level, to receive a random officer that is one star higher.

You can’t synthesize a 6-star officer though – that’s what transcendence is for. Once again, you don’t have to worry about losing any of the gear that you’ve worked so hard to collect as they’ll all be moved to your inventory after synthesis.

  1. Guild Dungeon

Band together with your brothers-in-arms, swear an oath in a peach garden, and wade into battle with your fellow guild-mates to reap greater rewards!

Once your guild gains renown through the land, by reaching level 3, your guild leaders will have the ability to create guild dungeons where you can now go into battle with other mates.

Guild dungeons can be created once per day and are closed after 24 hours.

However, only one Dungeon can remain active at a time. If you create a dungeon, the existing guild dungeon will be closed. All Guild Dungeons will automatically be closed 24 hours after it was created.

Guild members can participate in a guild dungeon twice per day without consuming additional resources. However, if you have enough Ingots, you can still join the rest of your guildmates once you’ve hit the daily limit.

Successfully dominate a Guild Dungeon, earning a 100% achievement, and all guild members will receive rewards based on your guild’s fame and contribution. You can also earn Silver and Gold war medals in the dungeons which will allow you to trade for different items in the Store

Heed the call to battle. Join us in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed and try out the latest features now!

Download the game Here.


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