Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed – The Beginning of The Three Kingdoms


Nexon had recently introduced a brand new content patch to one of it’s hit mobile action game, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. The patch brought together tons of new content including a new Campaign, Conquest Regions, Dungeons and Legendary Battles.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed tells the story of the Three Kingdoms era in the form of Campaigns. Similar to it’s predecessors, the game retains it’s fast paced action combat from the console series. What I enjoyed playing from the Dynasty Warriors series is that, I am able to fight tons of enemy Soldiers and Officers, taking them down with powerful Musou skills. Chaining off those high combo attacks are definitely what this game is all about.

For Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, the game is made lightweight and optimized for mobile devices. Controls are pretty simple and reactive. You have a Virtual Joystick on the left and 6 different ability buttons on the right. The ability buttons are not cluttered which is very important to Players who have fat fingers like me. I am able to accurately tap on the skill I wish to perform without the fear of tapping on wrong button.

There had been some attempts on making a Dynasty Warriors game specially for mobile players but none of them have stayed true to the original series. Most of them tried to bring in different gameplay mechanics which are non “Action RPG”. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is definitely the first Dynasty Warriors game on mobile that brings back the same nostalgic feeling of playing a Dynasty Warriors game.

If you’re familiar with the Three Kingdoms history, you’ll know that the Battle of Red Cliffs (aka Battle of Chibi), was a decisive battle fought at the end of the Han dynasty which sparked the beginning of the Three Kingdoms era. What better way to introduce the game’s first big patch with one of the most significant battle from that time! In this latest patch, a new story campaign, Chapter 7, The Battle of Red Cliffs will be available upon clearing Chapter 6-10 elite, Battle of Chanban.

However, as the difficulty level from the Red Cliffs stages are significantly more difficult than the original launch campaigns, new Players might want to spend some time strengthening your officers before challenging the new campaign.

Currently, there are 53 different Officers for Players to collect, each with it’s own unique set of Skills and Abilities. Furthermore, each of these Officers are divided into 3 different “Elemental” variant, something similar to the Elemental “Rock, Paper, Scissors” system we have in most mobile games. In total, there are 159 Officers available in the game now!

Previously, the maximum level for Officers is at level 60. With the introduction of the Officer Transcendence system, Players can now transcend your Officers to level 80! Also, there’s a brand new Officer Synthesis mechanic which I really like. It’s like a budget method to obtain a new officer of higher rarity. Players can combine the same star and max leveled Officer together and obtain a random Officer that is one star higher. If you have already max star your main team, you can use those spare Officers and try your luck for a better Officer.

Besides the Campaign and Challenge mode, one of my favourite feature of the game is actually the Conquest Mode. The Conquest Mode is similar to the “Tower” climbing modes you find in most Korean games where you’ll have to defeat special challenge stages to unlock 1 time per month rewards. The mechanic is pretty similar in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. Instead of “climbing a tower”, you’ll be conquering different states. Each state has it’s own set of stages to complete and to make things even more challenging, you can only use the Officer once per day per stage. This means that you’ll need a whole army of geared Officers if, you are aiming to complete all the stages within a day. With the addition of the 2 new states, Yu and Yang, I doubt anyone including the big whales could complete the whole Conquest within a day. At least not this month.

There are other new content that was added into the game such as the Guild Dungeon and 1v1 real-time PvP. However, since I haven’t been playing the game since soft launch, I am a little bit behind time to be competing with others or, joined a guild. Is there any guild out there willing to recruit a returning Player?

What I do know is that, you can acquire Medals from the guild dungeons which can be exchanged for different items at the Trade Shop.

For a 2 months old game, this content patch really brought about tons of new stuff for players to explore. Together with the minor content patches that was being rolled out weekly, I believe this should allow Players to spend some time before the burnout period. By then, we should be able to see the next big update.

One tip for Players who are playing on an older device, as much you want to enjoy playing the game with fully maxed out graphic settings, it is better to tone them down as the game gets your battery heated up pretty quickly.


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