Eldrian Legacy – Global Launch


Joycity has just launch their latest mobile game, Eldrian Legacy. Players can now find the game in the App and Play Stores.

Eldrian Legacy is a mobile RPG title featuring high quality graphics and strategical party play. Collect up to 37 different unique champions from 6 different elements. Each champion has it’s own different roles and positioning, Players will need to organise your team and adapt to different situations.


Combat is mostly automated and Players can choose to cast your spells manually or leave it up to the AI. The Champion development(breeding) system is similar to games such as Hero’s Charge or DotArena, where Players will need to collect character shards to raise the Champion’s rarity and equip all equipment slots to enhance the character (+1).


Explore various gameplay modes such as ‘Adventure’, ‘Tower of Souls’, and ‘Battlefield of Glory’. Although the basic concept of the game is not entirely original, it does have some amazing graphics that will probably entice your appetite.

Now for the bad news, the game has a VIP system disguised using the term Mileage. The good news is, players can earn some Mileage by completing certain quest. Although not as fast as spending real money, at least there is a way for F2P players to raise some VIP level.

As gamers, we should now be accustomed to games copying ideas from one another especially in the Mobile Games Genre. In my opinion, as long as the game looks good, feels like an upgraded version of a previous successful title, plays good, that game is definitely worth trying out! Eldrian Legacy is definitely a good example of successful game made better.

Joycity Corp


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