Elemental Story – 4 player co-op connect 3 game


With the recent popularity of 4 player Co-op Games such as Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur, Dragon Poker or Line’s Revenant Gate, Crooz has just announce a new Puzzle game that has a 4 player Co-op function.

Elemental Story is different from the usual connect 3 puzzle games such as Puzzles and Dragons or Tower or Saviors. Firstly, the jewels that you move will not affect other pieces except the one that you change position with. Also, although the board is a standard 6×5 board, every stage there will be obstacles at different parts of the board to block you from connecting 3.

kongbakpao_elementalstory_game1 kongbakpao_elementalstory_game2

Lastly, unlike most Japanese card games where you have to charge your skill and press to activate them, in Elemental Story, each monster’s skill has a different placement method. Follow the order and your monster’s skills will be activated.

What I like about the game is the premium Gacha. Players can use the Premium Gacha with ingame gold. Although it requires a huge amount of gold to do a premium summon, at least we know it’s “farmable”.

The game is out now for Android devices. Get them from Qooapp!


Android – Download apk from Qooapp



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