EpicSeven – Global Version Live!


Smilegate has announced that the global version of EpicSeven is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Epic Seven is a 2D side-scroller turn-based RPG with impressive Anime-ish graphics and skill cutscenes.

Combat is pretty simple, select the skill you want to cast and tap the enemy to activate an attack. During Boss stages, you can even summon powerful Guardians to deal more damage for you. What’s cool about the game is that some of the skills have animated cutscenes which gives you the “wow” factor.

For the rerollers out there, after completing Act 1-10, you will be given 30 chances to reroll on a 10 times summon. Based on the chat, try rerolling for Sez, Destina or Ravi. You can only get 1 5* from this summon.

To sum it up, EpicSeven is a pretty decent turn-based RPG that will probably keep you busy for the rest of 2018.



Android Link
iOS Link



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