Fairy Tail: Depart – Official Launch


DeNA Hong Kong has announced the official launch for their latest mobile game, 妖精的尾巴:啟程 (Fairy Tail: Depart). The game is now available for both Android and iOS users in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

The story of the game begins at the end of Tenrou Island Arc where the core members of Fairy Tail were defeated by Acnologia. Players will pick up from the X791 arc, seven years after they were defeated by Acnologia.


Fairy Tail: Depart is a simple slingshot game played very similar to Monster Strike with a breeding system that are found in most Chinese mobile games. Also, you might have guessed by now, the most iconic VIP system is also in place in the game. However, before you hit the cross button on your browser, I must say that the game itself is still fun especially if you’re into mobile slingshot games.


In Battle, Players will slingshot their characters over the map and deal damage whenever your character(s) touches your enemies. You can also create special friendship skills by coming into contact with your own allies. These skills includes a wide range of Area Attacks, Straight Line Lasers and even Heals.

As for the character development, Players can enhance your character’s by feeding them fodder cards or equipping them with powerful equipment found in different stages. If you’ve played DoTArena typed games, you’ll be familiar with this feature.


There are other features in the game which includes; special challenge dungeons, PVP, Raid bosses and a Tower-typed challenge for players to challenge themselves.

Fairy Tail: Depart is currently available in both App and Playstore for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. It is one of the rare Anime typed games that has an official license outside Japan so it’s definitely worth trying the game out!

DeNA Hong Kong


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Download official APK here


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