Fate/Grand Order – Basic Guide 1 (Menus)

While everyone is happily playing the game.. I’m actually still rerolling for my 1st 5 star female character. Anyway here’s a quick translation for all the menus. Will discuss more in-depth gameplay mechanics on my next guide.

Disclaimer: I can’t read Japanese so these translations are based on the many past Japanese Game experiences thus the text are loosely translated. 

1. Basic Interface


Action Points – Needed to continue story mode. Regenerate 1 per 10 mins.
QP – The game’s Gold currency.
Gems / Saint Quartz – 4 Gems per Gacha, 1 Gem for AP refill, 5 inventory slots, 5 servant slots.
Mana Prism – Exchange for EXP various buffs and EXP stones. Can be gotten from Event Dungeon.

2. Party Menu


Party – As you level up, your max “Cost” will increase thus allowing you to equip more cards and cards with higher rarity. Each Party is made up of 3 characters (2 from you 1 from a friend) and 3 substitute characters.
Essences – are like equipments where you equip them on your characters to boost one or two of its stats.
Mystic Codes – are like costumes. As you level your Mystic Codes through dungeons, your player skills will also level up. Changing your Mystic Codes will also affect the type of Player skills available to you.

3. Upgrade Menu


Upgrading Servant – You can sacrifice cards or EXP Orbs to increase the level of your character. Feed the same type of EXP Orbs to gain EXP boost.
Breaking Level Cap – You can increase the level cap of your characters by 10 (4 times) by using Servant Pieces. Each time you break the level cap, your character art and battle sprite will change.
Upgrade Skill – You’ll need collect class marbles to upgrade your character’s skills.

classmarbleUpgrade Noble Phantasm – Noble Phantasm are like your limit breaks. You need to fuse the same type character card to increase the level of the Noble Phantasm.
Upgrade Craft Essence – Feed your craft essence with other craft essences

4. Gacha


There are 2 types of Gacha – Premium and Normal. Please note: Servants and Essences are mixed together in the Slot Machine

Normal Gacha – Done with Friendship Points which can be obtain by using Friends during battle. (1 – 3*)
Premium Gacha – Done with Gems (Saint Quartz) (3 – 5*)

5. Cash Shop


6. Social Menu

7. Options

Player Profile:
Top : Enter Birth Month/Date
Left : Change IGN
Right : Change Gender

Device Transfer:
Enter a user name twice > Click Button to generate Password > On a new device, do not click on Start game, there’s another button on the bottom left, click that and enter user name and password.


Remember to stay tune to part 2 of the guide where I’ll discuss more about the combat system. It’s easy to pick up but can be quite challenging to master.