Fate/Grand Order Card Ranking

Let me start by saying this – Rerolling for a good 5* card is a very important step for playing any JMobile Games long-term. Especially in FGO, having a very good start means you can play the game past the first hour. Do not let anyone talk you down into rerolling.

Here’s a quick stats ranking for the top 7 cards:

Rank Name Rarity Cost Class Max HP Max Atk
1 Jeanne d’Arc 5 16 Ruler 16500 9593
2 Hercules 4 12 Berserker 10327 10655
3 Altera 5 16 Saber 13907 12343
4 Tamamo Cat 4 12 Berserker 11458 9026
5 Altria Pendragon 5 16 Saber 15150 11221
6 Vlad III 5 16 Berserker 13770 11499
7 Zhuge Liang 5 16 Caster 14259 10598

Rank 1 – [Ruler] Jeanne d’Arc

Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Gain stars(crit) every turn (3turns)
Skill 2: Reduce the damage from a single enemy target’s Noble Phantasm (1 turn)
Skill 3: Immobilize a single target enemy (1 turn)

Class Skill Magic EX – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Noble Phantasm – Party immune to damage for 1 turn, party defense increase for 3 turns, party regenerate HP for 2 turns, self immobilize for 1 turn

– The most powerful class in terms of stats
– As FGO relies strongly on Class counters, Ruler becomes the natural first as she does not have any Class weakness in this game (except berserker)
– No Class Weakness
– Highest HP
– Currently the best NP in game with full party immunity for 1 turn.

– Require tons of luck or $$ to roll her.

Rank 2 – [Berserker] Hercules

Rarity ★★★★


Skill 1: Increase damage of self (3turns) & Spirit resistance increased (3turns)
Skill 2: Increase dodge/immunity (1 turn) & Crit Damage increase (3turns)
Skill 3: Increase resistance to status ailments (5 turns)

Class Skill Berserk B – Increase the power of Buster Cards (self)
Class Skill Holy A – Increase damage with “PLUS status” (self)
Noble Phantasm – High Damage to single target enemy & reduce defence for 3 turns

– Highest Attack Character in the game. Super Glass-Cannon
– Natural counter to all Classes in the game
– Skills add even more damage for him
– Can easily take down any boss
– Skill that gains immunity for 1 turn.

– Easily Countered by every class (Paper character)
– Can be difficult to keep him alive until Boss stage.

Rank 3 – [Saber] Altera

Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase damage of Party’s NP (1 turn)
Skill 2: Increase resistance to damage reduction (3 turns) & HP Recovery
Skill 3: Increase damage of self (3 turns) & gain Stars (crit)

Class Skill Magic B – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Class Skill Ride A – Increase power for Quick Cards
Class Skill Holy B – Increase damage with “PLUS status” (self)
Noble Phantasm – Damage all enemies & Weaken their defence (3 turns)

– Highest Damage character on paper
– Decent HP, Good Survivability
– Well Balance Stats
– Very good Supportive Skills
– Skill 1 + NP a very good combo set up for the other character’s NP. Can 1 shot most bosses.

– Weak against Archer Class

Rank 4 – [Berserker] Tamamo Cat
Rarity ★★★★


Skill 1: Increase damage of self (2 turns)
Skill 2: Reduce single target’s Charge with low probability
Skill 3: Increase defence of self (3 turns)

Class Skill Berserk C – Increase Power of Buster Cards (Self)
Noble Phantasm: Damage All Enemies & Recover HP of self (3 turns) & Self Immobilize (2 turns)

– High Damage. Glass-Cannon
– Natural Counter to all Classes
– Self-Surviving NP
– Can draw 3 BUSTER Cards

– Skills doesn’t add as much damage compared to Hercules thus inferior to the latter.
– Unable to 1-shot bosses.
– Easily Countered by all Classes.
– Can be difficult to keep him alive until Boss stage.

Rank 5 – [Saber] Altria Pendragon
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase Damage for all party members (3 turns)
Skill 2: Increase the Power of Buster Card for self (1 turn)
Skill 3: Receive a big amount of stars

Class Skills Magic B – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Class Skills Ride A – Increase Power of self Quick Cards.
Noble Phantasm – Attack all enemies & Recharge NP

– Most Balance Stats (3rd dmg / 2nd HP)
– Damage Buff for Party

– Weak against Archer Class
– Skills are lacklustre compared to Altera
– No Self survivability compared to Altera

Rank 6 – [Berserker] Vlad III
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Reduce target’s Charge with High chance + Increase NP for self
Skill 2: Increase Defence for self (3 turns)
Skill 3: Increase Resistance to debuffs (5 turns)

Class Skill Berserk EX – Increase the power of Buster Cards
Noble Phantasm – Large damage to single target & receive big amount of stars.

– High Damage Glass Cannon
– Natural counter to all Classes in the game

– Only 2 Buster Cards
– Late bloomer Stats (it’s difficult to level up your cards due to the ridiculous AP regen rate)
– NP is a Art Card thus damage is way lower compared to Hercules and Cat
– Overall stats is too balance which is a bad thing for a Berserker.
– Easily Countered by all Classes.

Rank 7 – [Caster] Zhuge Liang
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase Crit Damage for party (3 turns)
Skill 2: Increase Party Defence (3 turns) & reduce damage intake (3 turns)
Skill 3: Increase Party Attack (3 turns) & “Damage Plus” status (3 turns)

Class Skill Formation A – Increase Power of Art cards
Class Skill Items B – Increase the chance of weakening status
Noble Phantasm – Reduce enemies Charge with medium chance & medium chance to stun & curse effect (3 turns)

– I can’t find any….

– Full support character which is way inferior to Ruler’s NP.
– Damage is so low that if you get all 5 of his cards in 1 turn, it’s as good as skipping a turn.
– You just wasted so many hours rerolling for a 5* card who is weaker than a lot of 3/4*
– You will probably hate the game….



The above is a rough summary of the cards you should be aiming for for the current content (except Zhuge Liang). When rerolling, it is still better for you to get the Ruler or any of the 2 Saber cards for stability in the early game. Take note the above is based on my opinion and may or may not be the best for you.