FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING New Version – Divine Pet Carnival is live!


EFun has announced a new update for Final Fantasy Awakening. In this new update, there will be an all-new Pet System, Cross-Server PK Battles and new Eidolon in collaboration with Final Fantasy 15.

All-New Pet System

Pet system will be available on Divine Pet Carnival from 6th March with Moogle as the first Pet to make appearance. Chocobo, Cactuar, Tonberry and more Pet from the FF series will also be released in the future updates. Other than the joy from raising a Pet, fellow Agito will be able to obtain bonus stats from the Pets too.

Pet Upgrade

Breeding a Pet will raise their EXP, but there is a limit on the number of daily attempts. Different types of breed used up a different amount of in-game currency, the EXP the Pet gets will be different too. Players can also use EXP Pill to raise the EXP quickly.

Pet Star UP

Players can spend Pet fragment to star UP their Pet and increase the Pet’s combat power. Star UP will not only change the appearance of the Pet, it strengthens the Pet skills and unlock extra reset stats area too.

Pet Reset

Pet Reset adds stats to the Pet. There is a total of 8 stats, different types of stats, content and amount of the stats will be reset randomly using Reset Stones.

Pet Formation

Players can send a team of 5 Pets to increase the stats of their heroes, however only the Pet leader will add 100% stats bonus while the others only add a part of stats bonus. Also, only the skill of the Pet leader will be activated in the battle.

Pet Illustration

Collecting a Pet will activate the respective Pet Illustration for team bonus.

New Cross-Server Battle

“Space Time Duel” is a battle between different servers with the aim to destroy the server castle. At the night before the start of Space Time Duel, the World Boss will become Time-space Guardian, the top 100 players who duel the highest damage to the Time-space Guardian will be representing the server to join Space Time Duel.

The server with higher durability left when the battle ends wins the battle. Players can get a certain amount of rewards including rare Pet fragments, EXP Pill and Reset Stones for raising the Pet by challenging “Space Time Duel”. After achieving the server mission, all players from the server will get extra rewards too.

FF15 Collaboration – Summon Eidolon “Shin Bahamutl”

One of the strongest Eidolon in Final Fantasy series – Shin Bahamutl officially make its debut in the new version! It is not just having a big body size, it also owns the power to summon Holy Light. Bahamutl is always used to battle with the Milites Warship during the war between Milites and Rubrum, where the enemies who witness its power are trembled by it.

Other than the new features above, Final Fantasy Awakening also prepared a series of system improvements to provide a more convenient adventure world for the Agitos: fast and easy costumes changing and Gems changing features, Samsara Realm, Hero Trial and Team Dungeon will add a Blitz option too.

Starting from 6th of March, login everyday for the next 3 days to collect some valuable rewards:

Login for 1 day: Diamond x 100, Mystery Coupon x 1, Gold x 100000

Login for 2 day: Diamond x 200, Mystery Coupon x 1, Gold x 200000

Login for 3 day: Diamond x 300, Mystery Coupon x 1, Gold x 300000


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