Final Fantasy Legends Event 1 – Moogle


The first Event for Final Fantasy Legends is here. The event is very easy and everyone should be able to get the Mowgli Staff +




There are 3 parts to the event:

Level RequirementCP RequiredReward  
65100 Gems
610Mowgli Staff
1220Mowgli Staff +

You can find the event here :

kongbakpao_fflegends_event1_game1 Currently, there seems to be a small bug where the event is not showing. Complete the other event map (at the same location) and it should appear.


As mentioned, the event itself is simple but it requires a little bit of grinding. Players need to collect 50 quest items for the Mowgli + Event and you should know by now that quest items don’t get picked easily. It took me 11 tries (220 CP) before completing the event. However, since we have 7 days to complete the event, it should be more than enough to farm the required CPs and complete the quest.


Stats: Magic dmg + 20, Speed + 6, MP + 4, MP cost per cast – 2




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