Gamevil Announced Close Beta Test for Upcoming Mobile Game – Elune


GAMEVIL has announced that Elune is conducting a global test on October 16. Elune is a completely different project as this game is self-developed by GAMEVIL.

GAMEVIL’s new project is a perfect combination of turn-based RPG and collecting heroes to create the right tactics for each game mode. The collection of over 200 unique characters, as well as a variety of skills and effects, makes it an outstanding game to experience. Possessing many appealing modes, this will give gamers more opportunity to develop various strategies as they explore the world of Elune.

Elune’s Close Beta Testing will be available for Android users from Oct 16th  to 24th. This CBT is going global to gather feedback from expert collectible RPG players from all around the world. Elune is trying to create the best graphics and game methods to suit the global user’s preferences. As this is a collectible RPG, Elune also allows purchases during the CBT to provide gamers with a game play environment as close to that of the real game. Paid services purchased during the CBT period will be paid to the tester’s mailbox after the official launch, unless a refund has been processed. For committed players that made purchases during the CBT, Elune will provide a special bonus as a token of publisher’s sincere appreciation afterwards. For more information, please check the Elune CBT Special Paid Services EULA or the payment policy within the game.

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