Geo Pet Saga – Open Beta


Seasun Studio, a leading Chinese online game developer in which leading Android mobile phone maker Xiaomi Inc. has invested, just had their launch party for their first flagship game; Geo Pet Saga (GPS).


If you like pet battles kinda game, you’ll like GPS. The game’s art style is pretty good. The monsters looks cute and I believe it’ll appeal to the mass.



If you like RPG games with long story (quest line), GPS contains story-rich gameplay consisting of over 800 different quest, 400 + events. I’ve tried the game for about an hour and I must say, this is one of the few mobile game with huge loads of text.


The game just had their CBT launch party about 3 days ago (with lots of pretty cosplayers for the game). During CBT, players will receive 3000 gems everyday to try your luck on gacha-ing 5* monsters (game will wipe when official launch). Open Beta starts at 2pm (+8GMT) later today. I’m not quite comfortable with the game’s current difficulty as even with a 5* monster, I had problems clearing one of the earlier stages. I hope the developers will tweak the difficulty to not make this game over cash dependent and keep the challenge on later stages.


CBT Android Link
iOS to launch with game’s official launch


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