Granadia Saga – Strategy Mobile Game on Japan Stores


Bushiroad has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Granadia Saga (グラナディアサーガ). Fans of the SLG genre can now download the game on Japan’s App or Play Store.

Granadia Saga is an old-school SLG or tactics game where the placement of your characters are vital to victory. The game is pretty slow pace for a modern day game but it does bring back the nostalgic feeling of an old-school game from the 90s.

The game uses the old 24bit type graphics with a 2.5D view. The character designs are actually pretty good and they’re designed by Shinnosuke Hino, who also did Fire Emblem Heroes and certain characters for Puzzle & Dragons.

The game is pretty good if you like playing tactics-type games however, I feel that the game is too slow pace for a 2017 gameplay.

Bushiroad Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link



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