Guardians Violation


Fields Corporation has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Guardians Violation. The game is currently available in Japan on both App and Play Store.

Guardians Violation is a Real-Time Battle RPG game. Like most recent Japanese Mobile games, dialogues are fully voice-overed, there’s also a few Anime cutscenes throughout the game.

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The game’s combat is pretty simple. Players will summon and equip different Spirit Weapons. In battle, there are 3 options to choose from; Attack, Defend and Skill. As combat is real time, players will need to take note of the opponent’s actions and timely tap on the defend button to defend. If you’ve played Monster Gear, the battle concept is similar.

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There are 10 different types of weapon for players to collect ranging from Axe, Sword, Bow, Staff and many more. Players will need to change your weapons according to the enemies you battle to efficiently take them down.

Fields Corporation


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