Hello Hero: Epic Battle – Soft Launch Begin in the Philippines


Fincon has announced that the soft launch for their upcoming mobile game Hello Hero: Epic Battle is now live! Players from the Philippines can now download the game from your Google Play Store.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is the sequel to one of the first Monster Breeding games from Korea, Hello Hero. Players will find the character design and artstyle a little similar to the original version but the game has now a brand new UI design.

Instead of the original Landscape mode, the game now uses the Portrait mode and UI design is very similar to Clash Royale.

What I find weird and yet attractive is actually the voice-over. For the first few seconds of gameplay, I was wondering what kind of ridiculous voice-over are they using. However, after watching the cutscenes for awhile, I actually enjoyed the corny voice-over. It’s like eating cold McDonald’s fries, you know it taste bad but you just can’t stop eating it.

The game is currently only available in the Philippines for Android users. However, you can just download the apk file and start playing it. Also, you can play the game on emulators.



Android Link



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