Heroic Saga – Colourful Slingshot RPG


Legendary Tale has recently released a new mobile game called Heroic Saga. If you like games such as Worms or Gunbound, you’ll definitely want to give this a try!

Heroic Saga is a slingshot type game played very similar to Worms or Gunbound. Each character has its own special skill which fires off different types of explosives. Players will have to assemble and gacha their very own team of heroes to defeat many badass bosses.

kbp_heroicsaga_game2 kbp_heroicsaga_game1

There are tons of different maps and terrains for players to challenge. Players will have to strategize your units and place them in a position where its advantages when attacking and defending. Graphically, the game is one of the most vibrant coloured I’ve played this year. Character models although nothing special, but are still decent looking. If you want to relieve the moment of Worms or Gunbound, Heroic Saga is definitely a good game to go to.


• Shooting Strategy RPG
• Daily Challenge
• Guild war system
• Black Market
• Bonus game
• Intensive 3 vs 3 battle

Legendary Tale




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