Hunters League – Out Now in Over 140 Countries


O’olBlue Inc. is pleased to announce the global launch of Team Action RPG, Hunters League throughout over 140 countries. Hunters League is available at Google Play, Apple App Store and Facebook Gameroom for PC users and supporting seamless cross-platform play.

Hunters League is the team based action RPG with unique intuitive game play system (shoot, dodge, target, hit) applied to each character or the whole team of three at once. Players would play the game strategically controlling the actions and the skills of three hunters. And can change hunters’ combat roles by switching weapons with unique skills. In addition, players could confront each combat with different strategy by using Weapon Alteration System.

It’s not often you see Weapon Gacha (only) in a Korean game and I’m really surprise to see Hunters League doing that.

Hunters League requires low specification to allow more users to enjoy the game pleasantly. I really like the idea of the cross-platform play where you can enjoy the game on the Facebook Gameroom. To be honest, most of us would rather play our mobile games on the PC platform especially for games that require a lot of grinding which can really hurt our mobile’s battery life.

There will be more language options later this year. O’olBlue will support global cross-platform play through all of its games planned to develop in the future.

O’olBlue Inc.


Android Link
iOS link


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