(JP) Valkyrie Drive Siren – Pre-registration


Marvelous has recently released the pre-registration event for their latest mobile game, Valkyrie Drive -Siren- (ヴァルキリードライヴ). The game is expected to launch very soon so hurry and pre-register for the game now!

Valkyrie Drive -Siren- is expected to launched on three platforms, Console, Mobile and Animation. Each platform will have a slight variation in its plot but collectively, it aims to give players more understanding about the story as a whole.


Not much is known on how the game is going to be played but from the PV video, there are too many “things” bouncing around which I believe many of you will like *wink*. Pre-register for the game now and get one of the 2 girls in the picture below. You will need a Gree or Mobage account which I believe will give you either one of the girls. I really hope this is not a web-based mobile game.



Pre-register Here


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