(JP) Venus Eleven Vivid! – Out on Android and iOS


Amazing has just announced the launch of their latest Mobile game, Venus Eleven Vivid! (ビーナスイレブンびびっど!).  If you like soccer games and dating sims, remember to check this out!

Want to play soccer with beautiful and kawaii Waifus? Venus Eleven Vivid allows you to do both! Venus Eleven Vivid is a half-automated soccer game. Players can set simple instructions for your Waifu players and let the game play automatically. Commands are simple, depending on your characters position, you can either pass, dribble or shoot the ball. There are also skills based on the players position. For example, Forwards/Strikers can use shooting skills to increase your chance of scoring a goal, Mid-fielders can use dribbling skills to increase the chance of dribbling past your opponent while defenders can use defensive skills to tackle the ball away from opponents.

Each time you set a command, you’ll use up some of the player’s stamina so always be careful of the action you choose.


If you’ve played Battle Girl High School, you’ll realised that Venus Eleven Vivid has a similar dating-sims element where you will be able to improve the relationship of your players thus increasing their stats. Each time you unlock a new relationship level, you’ll be able to have a new story time with that particular Waifu.


Unlock costumes and train your characters to give them an added boost during matches. Facilities can also be upgraded to increase various stats of your team as a whole.




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