Jumanji: The Mobile Game – Global Launch


NHN Entertainment together with Columbia Pictures and Idocracy Games have announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Jumanji: The Mobile Game. This happen to be just in time with the movie release!

This Board/CCG hybrid uses a familiar monopoly rules system to introduce players to a deep card battle game! Taking the frustration out of Monopoly by adding in a battle system that lets you take property from your rivals. This game has real-time PVP gameplay, so you’re always faced up against another real player from somewhere around the world!

Customize and upgrade your deck of cards as you compete for control over the jungles and rivers in this wild world. Raid other players’ campsites and steal their gold as you try to capture each landmark, discover ancient ruins, and find secrets locked away in a cartographer’s cryptic maps! Try different play styles as different characters. Whether you play as the strong and adventurous Dr. Bravestone or the careful and calculating Professor Shelly Oberon, the choice is yours!

NHN Entertainment


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