Jumputi Heroes – Pre-download Release


An exciting collaboration between WonderPlanet Inc. (Crash Fever), LINE Corp and JUMP (Shueisha), a 2D casual puzzle RPG game that features many iconic characters from popular Japanese Animation and Manga will be released tomorrow! Jumputi Heroes features heroes and heroines from a total of 29 Animation IPs (e.g. One Piece, Gintama, Dragon Ball, etc).

The game uses a matching mechanics where players attempt to match as many same pieces as possible to form combos. Compatible colors with collected heroes will unleash attacks and special skills unto the enemies!

When individual characters use their flashy skills, nostalgic black/white Manga animated inserts will be shown. This is a really cool touch of nostalgia for many Manga fans.

You may pre-download the game now and get ready to play the game on 28th March 2018. Definitely a lightweight game to add to your game library if you are a Japanese animation fan. May the Gacha Gods bless you with getting your favorite characters!


Official Homepage

Platforms (JP)
Android APK Link
iOS Link



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