Knight Slinger – Soft Launch


Gamevil has announced the soft launch for their upcoming mobile game, Knight Slinger. The game is now available for download in 14 different countries on the Google Play Store.

Knight Slinger is sling-shot RPG with amazing 3D graphics. It is quite refreshing to see a slingshot game by the Korean camp as the genre is seldom being used by Korean developers.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Players only need to drag, aim and release to “fire off” your characters to attack the monsters. There are over 350 different characters, each belong to one of the 6 different classes. Each of these classes have different ways of interacting with the monsters thus it’s vital for Players to understand your character’s attack pattern.

 kbp_knightslinger_pic2 kbp_knightslinger_pic1

The game’s graphic is pretty decent and character sprites are pleasant to watch. However, I feel that the voice-acting in the game (in English) is really a game-breaker.

Knight Slinger is now available in Sweden, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, India and Malaysia. Players from these countries can download the soft launch game from your local Play Store.



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