Last Cloudia – Tier List


Here’s the tier list according to the English Release.

As you might know by now, ARKs are more important in this game compared to having a new Character. This is because ARKs provide Stats and Skills (incl Passive), which can be equipped and learned by every character. While characters have their own skill sets and base stats, the differences are minimal.

With that being said, You will want to aim for at least 2 good ARKs with 1 Character or 3 good ARKs during the reroll phase.

ARK Tier List

Ark Score Details
Divine Beast Hunter 7 – Good against Bosses
– Decent AE Weapon
Raynicul, Dragon’s Treasure 4.5 – Heal when buff
– Good stats boost to STR and INT
– Decent AE Accessory
Pirate Ship Legnis 8 – Physical breaker
– Enables party members to quickly charge their Special Skill
– Decent AE Accessory
Golem Core 6 – Good for Defensive characters
– AE Reward good for Dark/Light events
Star Road, the Heavenly Bow 5.5 – Increase Crit for Bow characters
– Ignore Defense
– Good AE Weapon
Skyship Lonvalion 10 – Good early game skills for fast clearing
– Auto barrier
– Decent AE Weapon
Vell=de=Org 7 – Good Ice based skills
– AE Equipment allows MP regeneration
Sandwyrm 7.5 – Defend against Physical attacks
– Good earth based skill at level 1
– Decent AE accessory
March of the Saints 6 – Uninterrupted healing
– Recovers MP during normal attack
– Very good AE Magic Weapon

Scores according to Altema


Character Role Score
Leena the Warlock Sorcerer 6
Goroth the Giant Humanoid 7
Blood Rose Sorcerer 5.5
Prince Gorm Soldier 6.5
Dyne of the Three Sages Sorcerer 9
Master Thief Robin Soldier 7.5
God Hunter Shin Soldier 8
Doura the Bluebeard Soldier 7.5
Gravein the Sky Hero Spirit 6.5
Killer Ice Princess Sevia Soldier 8
Princess Lilah Sorcerer 8

Scores according to Altema

Note: Although some of the ARKs receive low scores due to the skills they provide, some of them do have very good Aether Rewards.



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