Legends of 100 Heroes – Old School Mobile RPG


I was browsing through YouTube and saw a new mobile game, gameplay video that looks vaguely familiar. The game is called Legends of 100 Heroes and is published by Super Genius Games.

I can’t remember if I’ve played or seen the game before but some of the character designs are really familiar to me. I’m also pretty sure that it is originally a Chinese mobile game.

kbp_legendof100heroes_pic kbp_legendof100heroes_pic2

Legends of 100 Heroes is your typical DotArena style side-scroller RPG. Combat is mostly automated while Players can choose when to cast skills by tapping on your character’s portrait. There’s really nothing exceptionally special about the game except for it’s old school arcade style graphics which for some reason attracted me to it.

kbp_legendof100heroes_pic3 kbp_legendof100heroes_pic4

Recruit a squad of powerful Heroes and face the challenges of countless enemies! The game features intricate RPG mechanics and a truly addictive combat system. Form alliances with your friends and other players to overcome even the hardest battles!

kbp_legendof100heroes_pic6 kbp_legendof100heroes_pic5

If you like old-school graphics with DotArena style RPG, you can give this game a try.

Super Genius Games


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