LINE Little Knights – 3v3 Mobile Strategy with Brown and Cony!


Released just a couple of weeks ago, LINE Corporation’s Little Knights is an adorable mobile strategy game that features their iconic LINE characters as tiny heroes (except for Sally whom is a giant in there!) that will go on town raids against other players in up to 3 players of real-time PvP.

The game is currently released in 6 languages: Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, English and Korean. Connect with your existing LINE account and invite up to 50 friends (they don’t actually have to accept) for additional free heap of rubies to get many more cards.

This is a decent attempt by LINE Corporation for a strategy title. You are able to climb up to 4th PvP tier (Highest is 5th tier) without really spending a single cent before the Pay 2 Win factor seeps in a little. The game balance has been great so far and there can be versatile amount of ways to mix and match strategies with a healthy variety of cards, each with a unique role.

The 3v3 PvP feature also works out to be major helper for players struggling to gain ranking points. Up to 2 players can join your town attacks or town defenses in real-time to help you with their units. Be sure to add proactive, strong friends and ditch the weak ones (like me). Give LINE Little Knights a try or Sally will be watching you!

BONUS: Little Knights LINE App Stickers


LINE Corporation

Official Site (JP)



Android Link

iOS Link (Japan AppStore)



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