Lineage2 Revolution Celebrates 100 Days with In-Game Event


Netmarble announced today that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution is offering players a special in-game event in celebration of its 100 day anniversary since launch.

To celebrate the 100 days of Lineage2 Revolution, players will receive benefits if they collect and match letters into words between September 18 and 26.

During this period, players can collect the letters 1, 0, D, A, and Y, that form the word 100 day. When they collect the letters and make up ‘100 day,’ the Blessed Scroll Bundle for Enhancement will be given as a reward. Five Maphr’s protection fragments and ten red diamonds will be given when making up the words ‘100’ and ‘day’, respectively.

The letters 1 and 0 can be found in elite dungeon monsters, while D, A, and Y can be found in Gludio and Giran regions. A special sparkling 0 is available can be achieved all hunting spots, and using it in inventory will offer random adena boxes.

The contents in Lineage2 Revolution will get boosts until the next update. The forging fee will be reduced by 30 percent, and players will gain an extra chance to enter equipment dungeon, adena dungeon, EXP dungeon and summoning stone dungeon every day.

The amount of herbs that the players can gather in extraction dungeon has doubled, as well as the honor points scored in Arena. The amount of coin that can be achieved after donating to the clan, has also doubled.

Netmarble will also introduce a special package from September 18 to 26, composed of 500 red diamonds, 100,000 adenas, and adena random box, marking Lineage2 Revolution’s 100day anniversary. Adena random boxes include a number of 10,000 adena boxes, from 10 to 100. Players can purchase the special package only once per character.

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