Lineage2 Revolution – Fortress Siege Coming Soon


Netmarble today announced that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution will hold a massive fortress siege on July 28.

The fortress siege is a one-on-one clash between two clans, with up to 100 players (50:50) being able to battle at once. Unlike the guild battle which solely focuses on power, the fortress siege will require a balanced combination of races, classes, and skills, as well as strategic use of structures, including the Spring of Recovery and altar.

Lineage2 Revolution’s fortress siege will take place for 30 minutes from 9:30PM every Friday, starting on July 28. Clans that wish to take part must participate in the bid held from 12AM to 9PM every Thursday.

There are currently 792 fortresses in 66 Lineage2 Revolution servers. Netmarble expects up to 47,000 players to join the first fortress siege, and 396 winning clans with new lords emerging from the 30-minute-long fierce battle.

Netmarble will give away adenas, XP, and Proof of Blood to all fortress siege participants. The winning clan will be rewarded with bonus rewards and various gameplay benefits, which will vary depending on the fortress seized.

For more information, do remember to visit the game’s official website or Facebook Page.


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