Magia: Charma Saga – Side Scroller Action RPG Soft Launched!


Nexon has announced the launch the soft launch of their latest mobile game, Magia: Charma Saga. Players from Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

Magia: Charma Saga is a side-scroller Action RPG. At the start of the game, Players can choose from one of these 3 classes to play; Aiden Rutelan the Magic Swordsman, Leta Vinis the Spirit Magician and Caleera the Battle Mage. Each of these characters have their own unique background story and although they end up progressing the same way, the dialogues are different.

The combat system is actually pretty good and fluid. Controls are pretty standard and intuitive however, I feel that the “Jump” button is a little out of place and should be swap with the “Dash” button.

Since this is an Action RPG, your equipment is your most important asset. The good news is that gears in the game are farmable and not purchasable by Gacha. The only thing you can purchase with the premium currency are Gold, Crafting Materials and Enhancement Materials. This actually increases the replayability of the game especially for Players who wish to equip the best gear. However, since this is only soft launch, I do not know whether or not they will add equipment Gacha in future.





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