MegaSmash – Button Bash Action Co-op RPG Launch!


MegaSmash, an awesome flashy new Action RPG title has officially launched in Japan today by studioking inc. The game features quality and fluid single-touch portrait controls where you drag around the screen for movement and simply hold down to execute awesome combo attacks. Check out their really enticing colors and aesthetics from some of our screenshots here:


The game features 5 of the standard Japanese game elemental types: Fire, Water, Earth, Light and Dark. The game also offers 6 different weapon character classes: Sword, Greatsword, Dual Guns, Bow, Magic Orb, Fists which also serves at the sub-gacha content where players try to pair compatible 5★ weapons with their 5★ characters. Check out their official gameplay video right below:

This is a game without autoplay option despite the really simple gameplay and controls. The game experience is geared towards giving the players an adrenaline rush from the really beautiful graphics and dynamic animations. One extra excellent thing they have done is a great variety of really fitting background music for many different menus, making the whole punching through huge wave of enemies really satisfying!

Are you ready to SMASH?! MEGASMASH!

studioking inc.

Official Site

Android Link
iOS Link


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