Monster Super League – New Hermite Dungeon, Rebirth and Events!


4:33 Creative Lab has announced a new content update for Monster Super League. This time, Players will enjoy a refreshing new rebirth Astromon – Hunter, new Hermite guardian dungeon and new events to look forward to.


Once again, the latest rebirth Astromon Hunter, excels in the Light and Dark element. The Light element has an outstanding 50% chance shock skill that will jolt enemies for 2 turns while the Dark element has a 70% chance to keep enemies shocked for 1 turn. Those looking to rebirth their lesser Astromons for one with good skills can use this opportunity that will last all month long!


The latest Guardian Dungeon features the Hermite, an extremely adorable yet powerful water element crab Astromon that you can catch and add it to your ever growing team. Dungeon hunting is now made even more rewarding with the new event ‘Astromons Here I Come’ that springs rewards like Astrogems, L/D Egg, energy and more for collecting all those cute Astromons that you come across.


Lastly, a new power update is slated to launch very soon with a new powerful high tier Astromon that can be caught and added to your team. I’m sure some of you know who I’m referring to! Meow!




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