Monster Sweeperz – Basic Guide


Monster Sweeperz, a new shooting game that blends RPG into it seamlessly. Packed with over 400 lovely and beautiful characters and the simple game system that makes game play more fun. Get more excitement with character upgrades, the development, upgrading of tanks into the dungeon boss, or even hunting. Today we will introduce systems that reach a RPG allows more people to upgrade Sweeperz strength and makes playing a lot more fun.



Characters in Monster Sweeperz are divided into five classes. Each class has different skills as follow:

  • Warrior – Sweeping attack and high damage
  • Mage – ‘Armor Penetration’ large number of monsters dealing same damage to those who gets penetrated.
  • Gunner – High speed attack and high damage to a single monster
  • Shaman‘Area of Effect’ range attack
  • Archer – ‘Wide Spread’ range attack, best option for the large pack of monsters.

The characters in Monster Sweeperz has various attributes. There are three attributes of Fire, Water, and Forest (attibutes displays the colors of the characters, such as Forest green, Fire red and Water blue), which will affect their attacks of that specific character.

The principle is simple. We should use the attribute that wins over the other attribute. Target hit will be damaged by 1.5 times. The details of the relationships of the elements can be viewed below.


Water over power Fire but creates less damage when attacked on Forest

Fire over power Forest but creates less damage when attacked on Water

Forest over power Water but creates less damage when attacked on Fire

There are also some characters without attribute. This will not affect the relationship of such attribute.

There are many characters in Monster Sweeperz with leader’s effect to help boost attack power for the team. Depending on the skills of the leader, the effect varies. To have the leader effect, team members must meet the criteria and have the same elements. An example will be: “Wood Element, this attacks would have the effect made up of 60%”.

leader effect1

leader effect2

You can make sure that the character of the team has the leader effect or not from the team management or preparation to fight. The characters with leader effect are shown as purple, no leader effect are shown in grey.
Besides having leader effect, team mates’ effect can be received as well. The condition is similar to leader effect. We can see details on the ‘Preparing to fight’ page.


There are four systems that increased the capacity of the main characters, which is a key factor in strengthening our Sweeperz. The systems are as follow:
1. Pwr-up Character
An upgrade to level up and increase attack power to the character. It can be easily upgrade. Just go to character button and choose ‘Pwr-up’ menu. Select the character that you want to upgrade to> select any character for the material. If you use same attribute material character or EXP characters, you can get more EXP!

1 pwr-up

2. Evolve
This can be achieved through the development of materials as defined by the details that we can see through the game index. Simply improves the attack and adding a star to the character itself. It also increase the skill of leader effect and characters get more awesome looking too. The method is simple, go to ‘evolve’ tab. Then select the desired character evolution. The system will identify which materials to use. The raw material can be obtained through the stage, through the purchase of coin shops, dungeons, and from Premium Package.

2 evolve

3. Awaken

From various ways of characters enhancement, awaken is one of them. When the conditions are fulfilled, the character can gain new skill and strength is greatly increased. The skill gained through awaken is random, and one character can awaken up to five skills. Pwr-up and evolution material cannot be used as a raw material for awaken. Using each star as a material and same element with the desired character. For example, if you try to awaken for 3 star character, you need 1 star, 2 star and 3 star characters.

3 awaken

4. Transcend
This system is the unlocked of character’s level. Ideal for high-level players who want to enhance a character to level up than ever before. So if your character achieved max level as 65, you can increase max level until 75lv. When you try to transcend with same character, your character must transcend. But if you use character has same skill, you will get transcend EXP by rate. Indeed if your character achieve full transcend, you will get special reward.

4 transcend
4 transcend2

Monster Sweeperz consists of stages with many different types of monsters, different formations and obstacles. It is best that Players try out different techniques and make a good team with balanced class types, attributes and high level characters. That will be the key to victory!


  1. Class C leader skill means that your team of people includes all 5 classes, warrior archer shaman mage and gunner. You can use subclasses/dual classes to complete this combination. After you have all these classes in your team, every single member of your team will get the atk bonus.

  2. @Flaaffy What do you mean by subclassed/dual classes? My team has 4 different classes and I use a random person for the fifth class and doesn’t seem to post much at all. It seemed that when I had all fire people and a leader effect with 55% fire dmg and 15% Warrior dmg my numbers were twice as high when I added the fifth person.


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