Mythgard – Early Access Now Available on iOS and PC


Rhino Games has announced that their latest Collectible Card Game, Mythgard is now available on iOS, Browser and Steam.

Mythgard is a mobile CCG set in a modern world filled with magic. The game offers exceptional lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building.

I’ve tried playing a game or two and I’m really glad that Mythgard is not another Hearthstone wannabe, or not exactly. Mythgard brings back the traditional “Mana” system found in the older card games such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon TCG. This is different from most modern card games where resource are added to your pool for free every turn.

Players will need to sacrifice a card to gain a resource and use that resource to play a card. However, instead of a specific Resource type card, Players can sacrifice any card and use them as resource. To a certain degree, this makes it even more challenging as you need to decide which card to sacrifice when fighting different opponents.

There’s also a 2v2 system which I haven’t tried. Although it looks complicated, but I believe it’ll add more strategic element to the gameplay.

Rhino Games


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