Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage – Character Ranking and Reroll Guide


Unlike most gacha games where you reroll for powerful characters or weapons, Players actually reroll for Skill Cards in Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage.

How to Reroll?

Like most Gacha games, the basic way to reroll is to delete the app and reinstall it. Once you’re down with the tutorial, you can then collect the free gems in your mail box and do a 10+1 roll. As for Android Players, there is another way to fast reroll your account with a rooted device. You can check out the method on the reddit chat here.

Who to Reroll for?

Currently, all the 5* Skill Cards are almost equal in ranking as each has it’s own strength and weakness. However, the consensus are to aim for Naruto’s or Sasuke’s Skill Card first as both characters are available right from the start of the game. The other 4 Characters require you to farm the character shards from Event Missions which will take a little longer time.

That’s not all. Even after you acquire a 5* Skill Card in your first 10+1 roll, you must have a healer card preferably Shizune or Sakura’s.

Card Rarity Skill Strength
Naruto Vs Pain Rasengan · Ultimate Jutsu
· High high with Small Range AOE Splash
Uchiha’s Pride Chidori · Ultimate Jutsu
· High high with Mid Range AOE Splash
Master’s Unyielding Spirit Cherry blossom Clash · Ultimate Jutsu
· Large damage to multiple enemies
I’ll Seal You Giant Sand Burial · Ultimate Jutsu
· Very Big AOE Attack
Kakashi vs Pain Lightning Blade · Ultimate Jutsu
· Fast Cast and Large Damage
Something I want to Protect Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists · Ultimate Jutsu
· Huge Damage


Must Have

Card Rarity Skill Strength
 Quiet Shizune 2 Star Medical Ninjutsu: Ferochious Flash · Ninjutsu
· Heals everyone for ~1100 HP at level 1
Disciple of the Fifth Hokage! 3 Star · Ninjutsu
· Heals everyone for ~500 at level 1 (slightly faster CD)



Character Ranking – Based on Launch Build

1st – Sakura

  • Very High Damage with big AOE
  • A Full-screen wide Healer with low CP cost per heal

2nd – Naruto

  • High Attack Unit
  • Able to one-shot most enemies with Rasengan
  • He has skills that can help him quickly get out of enemies surrounding him

3rd Place – Sasuke

  • High Attack Unit
  • Able to one-shot most enemies with Chidori
  • Long-range Ninjutsu
  • Able to paralyze enemies

4th Place – Gaara

  • Ultimate Jutsu has a huge AOE range good for taking down multiple enemies

5th Place – Kakashi

  • Kakashi’s Ultimate Jutsu, Lightning Blade, can hit targets far away in a straight line.

6th Place – Hinata

  • She’s got a very high damage Ultimate Jutsu but it can be slightly difficult to aim.

7th Place – Shizune

  • Shizune is actually the most important character in any party as she is the best Healer at the moment.
  • Build her Tanky with High CP and your team can pretty much take anything down.



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