New World – .hack based Mobile Game Ninja Launched


Bandai Namco has always been sneaky when releasing their A titles. Yes, you heard it right! A brand new A-Mobile game has been launched by Bandai Namco and its non-other than the most anticipated game, New World (ニューワールド). 

New World is developed by the people who’s responsible for creating .hack. New World is a simple turn-based game and is quite story-driven. This is one of those rare J-mobile games that you’ll lose out for not being able to understand the language.

kbp_newworld_game6 kbp_newworld_game5

Combat is pretty simple, the game is turn-based and normal attacks are automatic, Players can choose to tap on your character’s portrait to intercept with a skill. The complicated part is that, you can actually do multiple chains with your skills. Currently, I have no idea on how it works so comment below if you can read those Japanese text.


Graphically, the game is gorgeous. Character sprites are very well done and optimized for the Retina display. Character skills are flashy in the game making you feel powerful. However, with great graphics comes great heat. The game heats up my device in less than 10 minutes of playing. My fingers are actually numb (cooked) now while typing this review.

On the second download screen, please remember to tap your screen and kill 500 monsters so that you’ll be able to acquire 6 free gems. Also, your mailbox will unlock after completing chapter 2-2 which you’ll then be able to collect 30 gems for your first discounted 10 pulls.

Check out my short gameplay video here:

Bandai Namco


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