One Piece : Treasure Cruise – Smoker chapter update


A new chapter, “Rogue Town” was added in yesterday’s patch and along with it comes 2 new characters to collect; Smoker and Tashigi

With this update, you can finally collect the last material needed to evolve your characters to 5*


There’s also a twitter event. Just sign in your twitter account through here and you’ll be able to play their Gacha event. There are 4 prizes to be won; a gem, 1000 FP, R upgrade turtle and a SR upgrade turtle. Each code of the specific prize can only be claim once thus if you’ve gotten any extra prize code of the same type, you can share them here. Don’t worry you can re-roll every hour, 5 times each until you get all 4 prizes.
To enter the code, go to menu and select the 5th option.

There’s 3 more days left till the Buggy event ends and the next event will feature Alvida.

The game is currently only out on the Japan app/play store:
Android Link
iOS Link


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