Pocket Knights 2 – Global Pre-registeration


Pitaya Network has announced the pre-registration event for Pocket Knights 2, an action RPG in 3D with MMO features.

In Pocket Knights 2, players take on the role of a savior to fight corrupted the dark force behind dragon flight that threaten the world where all races and humans once peacefully coexisted.

In early May, Pocket Knights 2 was released in North America and won players’ warm affection. Proving to be a potential hit game, Pitaya wants to invite more players to play and interact thus decided to launch the pre-registration event for global players. By pre-registering, players can receive exclusive rewards, including massive potions, coins and diamonds that help beginners to speed up their process.

To top it off, there’s also a milestone pre-reg event where players can collectively help to unlock some exciting extra rewards! Players can invite friends to reach the final reward!

Over 1,000: 100,000 Golds, Energy Potion*3, Stamina Potion*3
Over 2,000: Exp. Book*100, Shadow Set*1
Over 5,000: Legendary Stone*2, Diamonds*200, Skill Fruit*500

Pre-register Here

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